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Getting to Hvar from Split

If you are arriving at Split Airport
Split’s modern and very easy-to-use airport is actually located in Kastela, a coastal town between Split and Trogir. Its official name is Resnik, airport symbol SPU.

Changing money at the airport
Although prices in Croatia are often indicated in Euro, the official currency is the kuna, which usually hovers between 5 and 5.2 to the $1 and about 7. to 7.3 to the 1Euro. All business accepts kuna and although some may accept Euro, we advise your group to change their currency into kuna. Splitska Banka is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There is no commission for exchanging money - the official central bank exchange rate for the day is what is used.
In addition there are many ATM’s in the bank lobby. If your group members have a debit card, they can use it to withdraw how many kuna each one of them needs. Again, there is usually no commission - but your group members local bank will charge them 1%, more or less, so before the group leaves, find out what they charge so they know in advance.

Sea transfers from the airport - DIRECTLY TO HVAR TOWN
We can take you and your group directly from the airport to Hvar town main harbour, or to the closest pier to your hotel in Hvar town or across the island Hvar in just an hour. Depending on the size of your group and the boat needed, the total fare is between 2100kn to 4000kn (300 EUR - 500 EUR). Click on Sea transfer and taxi services for more information. If you have a large group - 150 - 350 people, we can also arrange for a private hydrofoil to take everyone at one time, with luggage, directly from the Split main harbor or Divulje, which is a marina very close to the airport, directly to Hvar.

Ground transportation from the airport to Split ferry harbour


Croatia Airlines provides a very convenient shuttle bus service for $6 (30kn) that meets every plane. You don’t need to be a Croatian Airlines passenger, so if your group is taking the bus. they just need to put their baggage underneath and hop on. As you leave the exit, just look straight ahead on your right down the ramp and there should be a large bus as well as vans with the Croatia Airlines logo. It’s just 30 or 40 minutes from the Split waterfront, where all the ferries and catamarans leave from. There is also a public bus which leaves from the road in front of the airport, #37, that goes two or three times an hour. You and your group will have to take your luggage past the parking area in front of the airport to the bus shelter.

Private mini van or taxi
If your group needs a mini-van, taxi or bus, we can easily arrange this for you and since there is only one main exit from customs, the driver will have a sign with your group name on it so he will be easy to find. Average cost of this transfer for 50 people on a bus should be around 10 EUR - 20 EUR per person, depending on the number of people in bus. But contact us in advance so that we can give you a precise quotation.

Car rental
All of the international car rental companies as well as local firms have booths in the airport lobby. We work with preferred providers that offer us special rates which we pass on to our clients. So if your group would like rent cars and take them on the ferry to have on the island, please let us know what size/type they need, and we will be happy to assist you.

High speed passenger - only catamarans from Split harbour to Hvar Town
Jadrolinija, the state run ferry service, provides daily catamaran passenger service directly to Hvar Town.
Time: About an hour.
Leaves from: the first pier closest to the harbour waterfront promenade, less than 5 minutes walk from the kiosks where you buy your tickets.
Cost: 22kn to 47kn per passenger one way, depending on the season.
Where to buy: Tickets can be bought at kiosks in front of where the Croatia Airport bus stops as well as kiosks along the harborfront street that leads to the Ferry Terminal and in the Ferry Terminal itself. Just look for the blue Jadrolinija signs.

Catamaran winter timetable (October 1st – June 1st)
2 times on day:
  • 14:00 (catamaran called Adriana)
  • 16:00 ((catamaran called Krilo Jet)
Catamaran summer time table (June 1st . October 1st)
3 times on day:
  • 11:30 (catamaran called Dubravka or Karolina)
  • 15:00 (catamaran called Adriana)
  • 17:00 (catamaran called Krilo Jet)
IMPORTANT NOTICE: When you arrive at the harbour in Split harbour, be sure to buy your tickets first thing. Catamaran seats ARE limited, so don’t wait until an hour before the boat leaves! If the tickets are sold out, you can either buy a ticket for the next scheduled boat or buy a ticket on the FERRY that goes to Stari Grad (and takes two hours). If you choose this option, please call us so we can arrange to pick you up and have you brought to Hvar Town.

By passenger car ferries to Stari Grad, Hvar ferry harbor
If your group wishes to bring their cars with them to Hvar Island, the only way to do so is to come via Jadrolinija ferry. The ferry port is 16km from Hvar Town.
Time: 2h drive
Leaves from: the piers at the end of the harborfront road next to the Ferry Terminal
Cost: 39kn - 47kn per passenger one way, depending on the season.
Car cost: 200kn (about 28€ in each direction)
Where to buy: at the same kiosks where you buy catamaran tickets and at the Ferry Terminal, the large long red building at the end of the harbor road—look for the blue Jardolinija sign.
Driving to the pier: just follow the harbor front road as it goes to the Ferry Terminal.
Signs will tell you which lane to use to put your car in the queue. Look for the Stari Grad, Hvar sign and just get in line.
How to know what pier to go to: When you buy your ticket, the cashier will tell you what number pier and the name of the boat. If you buy your ticket at the Ferry Terminal there is also a large electronic sign just before the main parking area and piers that lists the time each boat leaves, its name and the number of the pier.

Although the ferry takes an hour longer than the catamaran, it’s a large boat with comfortable outside and inside seating and a café.

Ferry winter timetable (October 1st – June 1st)
3 times on day:
  • 08:30 (ferry called Tin Ujevic)
  • 14:30 ferry called Tin Ujevic)
  • 20:30 (ferry called Tin Ujevic)
Ferry summer time table (June 1st . October 1st)
To be published just before the season but bellow you will find the one from 2010 which will not significantly changed:
7 times on day:
  • 01:30 (July 3rd – Sept 6th)
  • 05:00
  • 08:30
  • 11:00
  • 14:30
  • 17:00
  • 20:30
Getting from Stari Grad to Hvar Town

By private transfer
If you would like us to come and pick you up, please contact us to arrange for this transfer at cost of 350 kn (up to four people). For larger vehicles and buses, please call us for a price quote.

By local bus line (the Cazmatrans bus line)
As you leave the boat, there will be a local bus that meets all ferries waiting on the right or left side right of the parking area. It will take you to Hvar Town for about 25kn one way.

With your own car
It’s just 20 minutes from Stari Grad to Hvar Town. After leaving the ferry go out of the parking area and turn right at the crossroad in front of a big shopping mall called KERUM. Go straight 4 km or 5 minutes drive to reach the central island tunnel. Once you have passed through the tunnel you are half way here! As you enter Hvar Town you will drive down a steep hill. When you come into the town proper, just follow the directions we provide to your hotel, villa or private accommodation.

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